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things keep getting interesting.

got a huge apology from someone.
never expected anything from the person like that at all.
whats even better is if a certain friend of his knew...
he would probably go into a fit a of rage.
sometimes i truly like making that person miserable.
i wont mentions names here.

putting in my two weeks monday.
i gotta get back to charleston.
this town is not for me.
i tried.

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i miss charleston like crazyyyyyyy.

i wanna go paint with charlie.

why are dudes so creepy?
sam came up to me when i was in charleston last week
to tell me he was sorry about everything and that
he still loved me ??
uhhh stop..... i dont talk to you for a reason
sooo get the hint?

im officially obsessed with lady gaga.
its more like a sexual appeal than anything haha

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10 Things you could say to 10 different people right now

1. in the back of my mind i always wish i would have had a change of heart with you.
2. i think its ridiculous how involved you are with other peoples business. your ex is your ex and you broke it off....why do you care what hes doing?
3. i really have no idea how to tell you how i feel and im not interested in meeting every person you youve ever spoke to in your entire life.
4. no matter what i realize i cant be mad at you. i feel like youre my other half in a really strange way.
5. sometimes i think you should keep your opinions to yourself.
6. i wish i could warn you about the things your about to get involved with... but life is all about learning from mistakes so ill let you find out the hard way.
7. you have a huuuuuge problem and im pretty concerned about your health because of it.
8. i already know your type but i cant get enough of it. im real curious about you.
9. i wish i could knock some sense into you and make you realize not everything should be handed to you. also please respect our grandmother a hell of a lot more than you do.
10. youre the greatest man i have ever met in my life and i know that no matter what youll always be there for me. im glad i finally got over not wanting anything to do with you. i love you.

9 things people may not know about you

1. i love secrets. the ones i keep to myself that is.
2. id say more than half the time im with other people id rather be by myself.
3. i really feel like i was born in the wrong era. my generation is completely fucked and i cant relate to most of them.
4. i am constantly in debate of moving back to ohio.
5. i have lots of unpaid bills that i have no intent to pay any time soon.
6. i currently only pay half the rent at my apartment. my boyfriend pays for everything else.
8. i really like to paint...graffiti. i always get asked to go with people that are awesome at it but im too embarrassed to ever go because i dont wanna look like an idiot.
9. my dog is the only thing i can constantly stand being around.

8 ways to win my heart

1. uhh like my dog haha
2. ask me questions about myself after ive asked some about you
3. keep me laughing. i like a good sense of humour
4. resepct for me and others.
5. take mini vacations to different cities.
6. listen to terrible rap music with me
7. dont let me have the upper hand. period.
8. cook me some good food !!!!!

7 things that cross your mind a lot

1. ohio
2. do i even wanna get my license and a car?
3. would i really wanna go to college?
4. bills. bills. bills.
5. movie quotes and references
6. tattoos!!!!!
7. girls. girls. girls.

6 things you do before you fall asleep

1. go pee.
2. let bella out.
3. set my alarm.
4. plug in my phone.
5. tell brad goodnight.
6. make sure theres a night light on !!

5 things you notice on a person of the same/different sex

1. facial hair.
2. hair cut.
3. tattoos.
4. shoes.
5. body shape.

4 things you wish you never did

1. everything ive
2. done
3. i dont
4. regret

3 artists you've been listening to lately

1. dead to fall
2. atmosphere
3. a day to remember

2 things you want to do before you die

1. have my own house
2. have lots of tattoos

1 Confession

1. i am always looking for something else.

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forever and always hating everything.

morgantown is like kent.
all college towns are the same.
theres some goooooood ass food up here though.
and yes thats important to me hah.

going to a reptile show on the 12th.
trying to get a brazilian black tarantula.
wish i still had my rose hair... but what the fuck ever.

catie is coming to see me friday.
im pretty excited.
itll be a fun to have a girls weekend !

i really miss john a lot.
its weird.
hes my best friend...so i guess youll have that.
hes coming up when he gets a few days so ill make it.

my dog is so fuckin needy.
its ridiculous.

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getting really anxious to move.

still disgusted by dudes tryin to get with little girls.

i wish i was back at the cabin with brad...
on the river... in a kayak.

going home to see my family sunday.
i cant wait.